Tuesday, June 3, 2014

let's go to the park!

Shorts: eptm (www.eptmusa.com)
Shirt: zara
Sneakers: androidhomme

photos by citizen5nake

Monday, March 3, 2014

Mmm... Donuts!

What am I wearing?
Jacket: Kill City
Shirt: Miloh (www.milohclothing.com)
Shorts: American Apparel
Socks: Odd Future 
Shoes: TUK

I love these socks!  I've always wanted a pair.  Dominique from http://www.style2bones.com/ gave me these.  <3

Miloh Clothing was kind enough to send me their Youth Run Tee! Pretty awesome.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Widespread Chaos

Photos by citizen5nake

What am I wearing?
Tank: Lip Service
Outerwear: UNIF
Bottom: American Apparel
Shoelaces: HICKIES

I also got 4 cartilage piercings this week, photo was taken an hour after I got it done.  Hope it heals well!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Matching outfits with Thu @daisybear

What am I wearing?
Shirt: Neff x Disney
Bomber: Joyrich x Disney
Snapback: Been Trill
Pant: Been Trill
Shoes: Nike
Shoelaces: hickies http://www.hickies.com/products/black-black-shoelaces

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Featured on russian website: asiaboom.ru


Article is in russian, heres the translation:

California native currently living in the Citiy of Angels.  Originally from Orange County and moved to Los Angeles at 18. Los Angeles definitely allows me to be dress freely.

To be honest, I feel like everyday people in Los Angeles don't really care how you dress and that's a good thing! If you are dressing stylish and trendy or if you wear something completely irrelevant and ugly, most people are too busy, self-absorbed and too numb to the diversity to notice it.  Of course, the fashion and style enthusiasts will be aware, but pedestrians most likely wouldn't even take a second glance.  That's amazing because in Los Angeles you don't have to feel judged for looking like crap or being over-dressed.

As assumed, Californian youth seek pieces that resemble items that are adorn by their favourite celebrities or fill their wardrobe with fast fashion items from big retailers like Forever21, H&M, and Zara.  Los Angeles, specifically, is known for their grunge, punk, rock, and alternative subcultures, so I am happy to see that the Grunge style is still the trend of the moment here.  It is very positive because small local Los Angeles brands are finally able to have their time in the spotlight due this fashion trend.  Lately, many youth have been more open to incorporating distressed fabrics, leather, metal hardware, and plaids to their outfits; It's pretty awesome to see!
So what about me? Where does my taste comes from?  Well, it's somewhat of a long somewhat sob story. (Warned! so stop reading here while you can. Haha!)

Initially I am from Orange County.  Growing up, I felt very restricted and my appearance and style was my outlet of expression.  I naturally had a liking to alternative styling and goth fashions.  I experimented with my wardrobe, painted my face with makeup on a daily basis and changed my hair styles constantly.  I also loved piercings.  I was very much a DIY kind of kid.  I couldn't afford to buy clothes or get my hair done, so I learn to do my own cuts and colors and I would go thrift store shopping and alter pieces I find when I got home.

I was very experimental with my image and I did get a lot of backlash from it.  My family gave me a lot of grief about my appearance. I got transferred out of the high school I was attending because "I was too much of a visual distraction and not a match." Because of my appearance, I have had experienced the usual case of harassment, violence, bullying, theft, etc.  Gothic clubs and shows was where I felt the most acceptance.

When I started working in the salon at 16, I began to soften my image; removed my facial and naval piercings and I put away my white and colored contact lenses. The following year, I began Cosmetology school and the "love of my life" (at the time, haha) wasn't too fond of my image because of the attention it brought so I started to dress "normal" to please everyone.  At 18, I am in the city and working my way up to be the perfect hair stylist. But brown hair...? pant and a buttoned-down...? then jeans and a t-shirt?  Not me. I felt restricted again.  It wasn't until last year that I realized that I was truly dressing that way to please others.  I dressed in these uninspiring looks because I thought others would accept me.  Others opinions do not concern me—it was that epiphany that made me promise to myself to dress how I feel, regardless of the feedback.  I am so happy because being in Los Angeles has allowed me to transition and experiment without judgment.
Now I like to think my style as somewhere in that medium zone.  I am a hair stylist, so my wardrobe does consist of a LOT of black clothing (hair dye doesn't stain black as easily.)  You will most likely see me in Los Angeles brands Joyrich, Kill City, Lip Service, and House of Widow. My favoritism to alternative and goth pieces will always be present in my style. I don't consider myself fashionable, but fashions I love will always be Alexander Mcqueen and Vivienne Westwood.  Some musicians that I look up to for fashion inspirations are 2Chainz, Madomeiselle Yulia, and Kim Ki-bum of Shinee. 

My current wardrobe isn't big, but I do love all the items I have. Before buying an article of clothing, I spend a lot of time thinking about the piece.  I am a firm believer that you should love the clothes you are putting on your body.

Hair, clothing, and make-up can really change a person and make him or her feel amazing.  Right now, I am challenging myself to incorporate more colors into my closet, and I challenge you to dress how you feel regardless of others’ opinions.

You can keep up with me through instagram, lookbook, and blogspot.
Instagram @dearmiju

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Down, Boy

What am I Wearing?
Blazer: Kill City Down, Boy Suiting Jacket
Shirt: Phillip Lim 3.1 for Target Poplin Reverse Chambray Button Down Shirt
Tanktop: Lip Service Widespread Chaos Tank
Pants: Topman Skinny Tux Pants
Shoes: Joseph Abboud Robert Oxfords